Jon Lampel LeasEquip and multiple industries

March 25, 2016
Since 1981, LeasEquip has provided superior commercial financial investment banking service to its customer base throughout the Los Angeles, California region. Under President Jonathan Lampel -- one of the company’s founders -- the business has thrived, assisting various organizations with much-needed monetary capital. To date, Lampel has completed more than 600 commercial leases and loans across a wide array of varied clientele.

From start-up costs to Chapter 11 fees, LeasEquip has aided businesses during necessary or troublesome moments. Lampel and his team have provided individuals and agencies with dollar amounts of varying sizes as well, reaching well into the millions when requested. For LeasEquip, transactions have spanned industries such as aerospace, alternative energy, construction, entertainment, finance, manufacturing and medical. The company has assisted with needs that include equipment leases, temporary loans and revolving credit as well -- from expansion needs to consolidation measures, from concrete purchases to financing behaviors.

Jon Lampel strives to serve clients quickly, competitively and creatively with challenging and complex financial opportunities. And with multiple industries served -- as well as the accomplishment of 600+ successes thus far over more than 30 years -- he has more than risen to the feat for his long list of customers.